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URP 30/38/50:C - frame design

Corner moulding,Glas encapsulation…

● Suited for sealing solution with TPE or EPDM;

● Free accessible area from 3 sides without columns;

● Opening and closing from top or bottom and injection from top;

● Quick and easy mould change.

Technology and press range rooted from LWB Germany

URP injection technology in VC Class------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

 E-type injection system

 ● Separate plasticizing screw/cylinder and injection chamber/plunger.

 ● Retractable injection plunger and retractable plasticizing unit, without non-return valve.

 ● Direct injection of the material with completely emptied injection chamber/ nozzle.

  RS-unit (reciprocating screw)

  ● The injection system is closed loop controlled with PIKO or FLEX control.

  ● The usual screw injection system with a  reciprocating screw.

  ● This First In First Out method has been used successfully since many years for plastic injection machinery world-wide as approved injection unit.

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